Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: VDownloader - Probably the best internet browser !

Saturday, April 24, 2010
VDownloader takes the internet browsing experience to a new level. You can surf the internet like you would normally do but not only does it allow you to download videos but also let's you convert them to the most comfortable format possible. You wouldn't need any other softwares anymore. It is extremely user friendly and the setup is just 6.62 MB - easy to download and consumes less memory.

The screenshot below reflects how simple and user friendly the application is.

As I mentioned earlier, Vdownloader allows convert the video to any format possible. Take a look at the screenshot. From windows Media Player to iPad, Vdownloader handles everything.

The best feature of Vdownloader - Scheduler !
You can edit the settings so that it downloads videos only during weekends or during some predefined hours allowing you to control down downloading habits.

It allows you to search for videos and put align them for Batch Conversion.


  • Small in size.
  • Simple to use.
  • Consumes less CPU and literally no RAM.
  • Can download videos in batch.
  • Downloads can be scheduled on weekly basis.
  • Converts videos to almost every possible format.
  • Basic features are free to use.


  • No help manual available. Though the application is simple to use yet a help manual is a must with every software that goes live on the Internet.
  • History feature can be a bit confusing to use.
  • Test download not explain properly. The application requests to edit the TestList.txt file to perform download tests but does not give the exact path of TestList.txt file. It is actually present in the folder where the software is installed (Usually C:\Program Files\VDownloader)
  • Beware before you edit the proxy settings (see image below) from this software. The large buttons for various browsers when clicked change the proxy settings of those particular browsers (if the checkbox for Enable local proxy server is checked) instantly. This can hamper your browsers connection to the Internet. It did the same in my case and I had to dig into the settings of Internet Explorer and Chrome to disable proxy which VDownloader had enable due to one single click. So, think before you click!

Click to download VDownloader !


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