Monday, February 1, 2010

Five best tips for your iPhone battery

Monday, February 1, 2010
I have mentioned few tips to get a better battery life and a longer runtime for your iPhone and iPod.

  1. Turn off the push email incase you don’t use it (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data > Push > Off)

  2. Switch to Fetch email manually (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data > Fetch > Manually)

  3. Turn off Location Services on your iPhone. The applications that need it will ask for permission and you can turn it on as needed (Settings > General > Location Settings > Off)

  4. Set your screen brightness to 30% or less (Settings > Brightness) and set Auto Brightness to “On”.

  5. Set an Auto-Lock to 1 minute (Settings > General > Auto-Lock) and always put the phone on sleep by pressing the top button as soon as you are finished with it.


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