Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Email set up guide

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here is the step by step guide for configuring and using email on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Setting up email

  1. From the home screen (Figure 1), press the central Menu button below the display.
  2. Press Messaging (Figure 2).
  3. Press Mailbox (Figure 3).
  4. A message appears: No mailbox defined, Define now? (Figure 4). Press Yes.
  5. Another message informs you that information is needed to define e-mail settings (Figure 5). Press Start.
  6. An E-mail address panel appears onscreen (Figure 6). Press this.
  7. The phone numberpad appears onscreen to be used for typing in your email address (Figure 7) (although you can choose one of the virtual Qwerty keyboard or handwriting options if you prefer by tapping the keyboard-icon button just above the 1 key).
  8. When you've typed in your email address, press the green tick confirm button on the top left of the display.
  9. In the E-mail address set-up screen (Figure 8), press OK.
  10. You can now define the Mailbox name (Figure 9). You can leave it as the default name and press OK to continue. Alternatively you can press the highlighted panel to type in a new one, using the virtual numberpad as before (Figure 10) and pressing the green tick confirm button when completed. When the new name appears (Figure 11), press OK to continue.
  11. You now must define the user name and password (Figure 12). Press Yes.
  12. User name and password panels appear (Figure 13). Press the User name panel to edit it. Your user name is likely to be the bit of your email address before the @, but if you're not sure, check online with your email provider.
  13. Type in your user name (Figure 14). Press the green tick confirm button. You are returned to the previous screen (Figure 15).
  14. Press the Password panel. Type in your password (Figure 16). Press the green tick confirm button. You are returned to the previous screen (Figure 17). Press OK.
  15. A message appears confirming that the mailbox has been defined (Figure 18). Press OK.

Downloading email
Your mailbox will initially be empty, so you have to go online to update it.

  1. When the mailbox has been defined, a message appears: Connect to mailbox? (Figure 19). Press Yes.
  2. In a few moments you will be connected to your online mailbox and email headers will be downloaded (Figure 20).
  3. You can scroll through the list using your finger or stylus. To see more information, press the email header you want to look at (Figure 21). The full email will appear onscreen (Figure 22). You can scroll down to read the full text.
  4. If there is an attachment, press it to open. If it is in html format, press the Attachment.html panel in the display to go online (Figure 23).
  5. Choose your method of going online (WLAN or mobile network) (Figure 24), and in a few moments you will see the full version of the email (Figure 25). Press Close and Back to return to the original email.

Replying to and forwarding an email
Towards the bottom of the display are three onscreen buttons; the two with @ signs and arrows are Reply and Forward options (the third is a Delete button).

  1. To reply, press the left arrowed @ button. Your reply will appear onscreen (Figure 26).
  2. Tap on appropriate parts of the email to change the address, subject and message, using the virtual numberpad as before to type in new details and edit existing text (Figure 27).
  3. Once you have completed your reply, press the Send button (it has an envelope icon) (Figure 28).
  4. To forward an email, in the open email press the right arrowed @ button. As above, tap the appropriate part of the email you want to change - address, subject or message - and use the virtual numberpad to amend (Figure 29). When ready, press the Send envelope button.

Retrieving new emails and sending new emails
Once your email is up and running, it's easy to retrieve new emails.

  1. Press the Menu button (Figure 1).
  2. Press Messaging (Figure 2).
  3. Press your new mailbox (in our example, Know Your Mobile) (Figure 30).
  4. You are asked: Connect to mailbox? (Figure 31). Press Yes.
  5. The phone will connect to your mailbox. Any new emails will be displayed (Figure 32).
  6. If you are already in the mailbox and want to check for incoming mails, press Options, followed by Retrieve email, and then New.
  7. To send a new email message, when you're in your Mailbox press the @+ button towards the bottom of the display. A new email will appear (Figure 33).
  8. In the same way as before, press the panels as required to fill in address, subject and message. When completed, press the Send envelope button (Figure 34).


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