Monday, February 1, 2010

Top 5 Free Blackberry Applications

Monday, February 1, 2010
1. Blackberry Messenger: This is one unique application that comes with the phone and it allows you to send text messages between Blackberry users by simply sharing your bb PIN. It allows you to send voice clips (can be used as a voice sms), send images and files to other BB users. The amount of money that you can save by using BBM instead of a sms to other BB users is quite astronomical.
This application is already installed in your phone but can also be downloaded by pointing your phone browser at
2. FaceBook: This is one of my favourite applications as it allows you to stay in touch with your facebook friends even on the go. With Facebook for Blackberry, you can update or view your status, receive instant notifications, tag photos, sync your facebook friends, organize facebook events, news feed filters, ability to like and the ability to set a profile photo. You can also poke friends, comment on wall and status updates and upload photos from your phone on the go. Facebook is a freeware and can be downloaded on to your handheld - just point your phone's browser to
3. Windows Live Messenger: I love to chat and stay in touch with my friends on MSN and I can't imagine even a single day away it. Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry allows me to chat with my friends with a similar feel of the WLM for desktop. You can send instant messages and join chat groups, send and receive pictures and files, use more than 60 emoticons. You can chat with multiple contacts at the same time and change your avaibility and status information. It also allows you to email converstaions to your contacts. WLM for Blacberry is a freeware and can be downloaded from on your handheld at
4. iSkoot: With iSkoot for Skype, you can make and receive Skype calls, chat, and use SkypeOut to call regular numbers anywhere in the world. With the newly enhanced feature set, now you can easily place SkypeOut calls to anyone in your general address book, and enjoy cool new Skype chat features like emoticons and multi-party chat. Unlike other mobile Skype apps, iSkoot is a thin client - so it won't take up loads of memory or eat up your battery power. iSkoot for Skype (Blackberry) can be download at
5. Quick Pull: QuickPull FREE, is a free too that frees up your blackberry memory but stimulating a "battery pull" soft reset. Unlike the red power button, Quickpull actually refreshes the device, freeing up memory thus increasing your BB performance.
  • FREE
  • Simulates a "battery pull" equivalent reset.
  • Integrates with AutoStandby.
  • Ability to schedule to run daily.
  • Automatically accepts reset dialog.
  • Advanced scheduling, run a QuickPull daily or on certain days each week.Memory monitoring.
  • Set your own memory threshold.
  • Prompted automatic reboots if your memory is less than your set threshold, with the ability to cancel a reboot.
  • Scheduled QuickPulls will wait until phone calls are complete.
  • Receive automatic notifications on missed resets due to a locked or holstered device.
  • 5 second warning notice can cancel pending QuickPull runs to keep from interfering with other tasks.
  • New and enhanced, user-friendly interface.
  • Toggle schedule on or off without losing any settings.
  • No technical support(for technical support and no ads, please consider QuickPull Pro)

QuickPull Free can be downloaded at


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